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Taylor has been working in weddings since 2016, when a creative outlet turned into a love for logistics and beautiful events.

About Taylor

You’ve likely heard your friend who just got married talk about things wedding planners do that they didn’t realize prior to the big day. There are so many things about being a bride that can feel unknown, leaving you soaking up as much insight and advice from those recently in your shoes, but not fully having a grasp on all the details until after you say your own “I Dos.” Insert: Your wedding planner. You might be surprised by just how much we handle and the unique ways we can take stress off your plate.

Today, we’re sharing several surprising tasks wedding planners do to lighten your to-do list leading up to, and on, the wedding day. 

Managing Setup and Decor

Did you know our wedding planners are not just experts in logistics, but also in design? We don’t want your sister, bridesmaids or moms leading setup because they should be spending that time making memories with you! From setting up your personal decor to managing the design of the day, your wedding planner will ensure all of your decor is exactly as you envisioned.

Making sure the candles get lit (plus manage the decor!)

Our job doesn’t stop once the decor is set! Your wedding planner will continue to manage those details throughout the night. From lighting all of those candles in time for your photographer’s detail shots to making sure they stay lit throughout the night, this is only one example of how we continuously keep our eye on the details.

Serve as a guide for guests

As wedding planners, we serve as friendly guides who ensure your guests have a seamless experience. From guiding guests from the ceremony to cocktail hour, to helping them find their seats at the reception, your planner is there to guide guests throughout the night. We’re invested in making sure your loved ones feel welcomed, comfortable, and excited to celebrate your special day.

Coordinate vendors

Planning a wedding involves an entire team of vendors. From florists to photographers, caterers to DJs, we work closely with att the vendors to ensure smooth communication and flawless execution. Your wedding planner is on-site to manage deliveries, make sure everything arrives when and how it’s intended to, and troubleshoot any issues before you can even know about it. Your vendors are all human and mix ups can happen! Did the baker forget to deliver your cake? We’re on it! (true story)

Worry about what’s next

Timing is such a large part of the wedding day, however, our work begins long before the day-of. Your planner is in close contact with each member of the vendor team leading up to the day, confirming (and double confirming) all the details.

While there are so many things wedding planners do that you might not be aware of from the start, you’ll be so happy to have them on your wedding day team. Hiring a wedding planner isn’t just about having someone to oversee the logistics. It’s about having a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to make your wedding day truly extraordinary. We handle the surprising tasks, the behind-the-scenes magic, and the meticulous coordination so you can enjoy every joy-filled moment. If you’re ready to experience the peace of mind and joy that comes with having a wedding planner by your side, reach out to us today. Visit our services page or contact us directly. Let’s create an unforgettable wedding together!


She took an enormous amount of stress off of our shoulders and helped us create the most perfect day of our entire lives. Taylor handled every situation with grace, confidence, and professionalism.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a sweeter person, or someone who is able to bring such a calming and peaceful presence to any room she walks into!

"Taylor was our best decision in all of planning!"


As a first-time mother-of-the bride, I wanted someone to guide us through the whole process. We thankfully selected the full-package and never worried whether what we were asking was included or not. Taylor was positive, organized and tremendously accommodating, especially as we changed plans 3 times due to COVID.

"Taylor listened and brought my daughter's dreams to life!"

- Alyssa, bride

Taylor was so great to work with from the very beginning! We hired her for day-of planning, yet she went above and beyond to take care of us throughout the entire planning process. You can tell Taylor truly cares about her couples & that was proven by how much energy she invested in us and our making our perfect day happen!

"We felt supported throughout the entire process!"