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Taylor has been working in weddings since 2016, when a creative outlet turned into a love for logistics and beautiful events.

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What is Full Planning, and Should You Hire a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

When it comes to wedding planning, couples range anywhere from “I have no idea what I’m doing,” to “Maybe wedding planning was actually my true calling!” Naturally for brides who have no idea where to start, hiring a wedding planner seems like a no-brainer, but for those couples who feel like they kinda-sorta have it all together, is it really worth the investment to hire a planner? And if so, how is a full-service planner different from a day-of coordinator? We’ve gathered up a few sure ways to know bringing a pro on board is the right move for you.

What Full-Service Planning Means

Essentially, there are three types of wedding planners: Full-service, a la carte and day-of coordinators. A full-service planner will do everything start to finish. They’ll wear the hat of designer, budget manager, legal counsel, coordinator and even therapist. Full planning will include everything from budget creation, vendor recommendation and hiring, to event design and management. Your planner will attend vendor meetings, create the design for your event and, most notably, make sure you don’t go over budget in the process! Typically, you’ll hire your planner as soon as you’re ready to start laying wedding plans to take full advantage of your pro’s services. This option is great for couples hosting large affairs, a wedding not in the same city you live, or those who want a pro to guide them through every step of the process.

If These Things Sound Too Good to be True, Full Service Wedding Planning Might be Right for You

Someone to help with budget constraints and management

Wedding planners spend a significant amount of time understanding the vision you and your fiancé have for your big day. In doing this, they’ll also come to realize which areas aren’t quite as must-have as others and then be able to allocate spending in the best way. Not to mention, having somebody there to keep you in check and in budget is always a great idea!

Help coordinate the entire day, rather than just one aspect

A wedding that’s divided amongst multiple venues (like a church with a separate reception space) can get tricky quickly. Even if your venue comes with a venue coordinator, that person is only responsible for coordinating the aspects the venue itself is responsible for providing – such as catering, or the space itself. They probably won’t be helping you manage the little details that make your wedding day unique and special. The last thing you and your fiancé want to worry about doing is managing details.

At a hotel or venue, they’re hosting a wedding, or two, every weekend. Your wedding planner wants to make sure your wedding day is special because it’s unique to you. Having someone who understands you is so important.

Having someone who will fight for your wedding day vision

While many vendors take on multiple weddings per weekend, or even more than one per day, your wedding planner will only be focused on your special day. The wedding planning journey really is a long one and on your wedding day you want someone there who understands your vision and will fight to the last moment to make sure it happens the way you’ve planned.

Enjoy your wedding day

Think of your wedding planner as a safety net not only on your wedding day, but throughout the entire planning process. If anything goes wrong (and something always does) your planner will be there to have your back. They’ll be the one outside wiping down your ceremony seats because of the unexpected morning rain or making sure none of your family misses those special post-ceremony photos. Your planner will make sure your only wedding day job is to soak up those precious memories with your fiancé!

Now I hope you have a better idea whether or not you should factor a full-service wedding planner – or a wedding planner in general – into your wedding day plans. It’s time to relax and get married!


She took an enormous amount of stress off of our shoulders and helped us create the most perfect day of our entire lives. Taylor handled every situation with grace, confidence, and professionalism.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a sweeter person, or someone who is able to bring such a calming and peaceful presence to any room she walks into!

"Taylor was our best decision in all of planning!"


As a first-time mother-of-the bride, I wanted someone to guide us through the whole process. We thankfully selected the full-package and never worried whether what we were asking was included or not. Taylor was positive, organized and tremendously accommodating, especially as we changed plans 3 times due to COVID.

"Taylor listened and brought my daughter's dreams to life!"

- Alyssa, bride

Taylor was so great to work with from the very beginning! We hired her for day-of planning, yet she went above and beyond to take care of us throughout the entire planning process. You can tell Taylor truly cares about her couples & that was proven by how much energy she invested in us and our making our perfect day happen!

"We felt supported throughout the entire process!"